Friday, September 4, 2009

You Have A Smoke Detector – Why Not A Flood Detector? A product you need and never knew existed!

We’ve had a couple of water intrusions in our house.  The first came when I wisely put a fine mesh screen over a storm drain in the bottom of the stairwell outside our basement door.  The first big rain sent leaves down the stairs which promptly piled up on the mesh creating an watertight seal, sending the water that was meant to go down the drain directly under the basement door.

The second was when eM 1) neglected to change the lint screen on the outlet hose from the washing machine and 2) didn’t check to make sure the drain was clear in the outlet tub.

I realized I needed to find something to give us the heads up when water starts flowing where it’s not supposed to...
After quite a bit of searching I found a product that works pretty well at a great price (just a reminder that I’m not paid to endorse any product or service).  I’ve turned a couple of people on to this and one friend uses it under a kitchen sink that occasionally leaks.

Glentronics, Basement Watchdog Water Alarm, $12.37 for one.
Use a water alarm to prevent floods
(Don’t be freaked out by the disturbing googly eyes staring out at you from the picture.  Everyone gets those here.)

The box has two leads at the bottom.  When they get moist an alarm sounds – it’s as simple as that.  

Use a water alarm to prevent floods

It’s easy to test.  Just wet your finger and touch the lead.

After you regain consciousness you should hear a fairly loud tone.

It works!
The price is right.  I shopped around and found the best price at Lowes but that was a while ago.
It takes one regular 9-volt battery.
Doesn’t draw much power so the batteries last.

There’s no battery life indicator so you have to set it off if you want to make sure it’s working.
The alarm isn't as loud as it needs to be.

Stay Dry Mis Amigos!


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  1. Forget the batteries, hard-wire it! If you want help with that, give me a call.