Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make Jewel Encrusted Rings For Your 3-Year-Old!

Dude, you have to be secure in your masculinity and leave all the macho bull s#it behind when it comes to doing stuff for your little girl.  Case in point

DIY pipe cleaner rings

I recently made these cool rings for J.  I also made one for eM so that they could have a matching set...

WARNING: After he saw that J was getting something, D wanted the same thing too (didn't really matter what it was - he just wanted what J was getting).  There’s an extremely high risk of turning your son into a sissy if you craft jewelry for him.  Try to use dark, manly colors, and definitely don’t use any heart shaped gems.  Immediately after giving him the ring, make him shoot a gun (ignore the objections you’ll  hear from your wife like, “He’s only 22-months-old!” and “We don’t own a gun.”  By God woman, then I’ll craft him a gun! ).  OK, so maybe it's hard to leave all the macho bull s#it behind.

Here’s everything you’ll need:

DIY pipe cleaner rings1.       Multicolor pipe cleaners.

2.       Needle nose pliers.

DIY pipe cleaner rings3.       If your pliers don’t have a wire cutter feature then you’ll need some.

4.       Glue – I tried some AC Moore “craft” glue and it sucked.   eM, as I’ve said many times before, has many wonderful qualities.  She can be, however, a little rough on jewelry.  The glue held the “jewel” on eM’s ring until she actually wore it.  Now there’s a little rhinestone out there somewhere just waiting to jam itself into D’s trachea.  I’ve started using just a few dots of Gorilla Glue on a recent batch of rings.  Be careful because Gorilla Glue expands as it cures.

DIY pipe cleaner rings5.       Jewels.  You’ll find all kinds of stuff at any craft store.  I bought a couple of bags of rhinestones and picked up a sheet of round adhesive stones.

First let your daughter pick out the pipe cleaner colors and then fit them to her fingers.DIY pipe cleaner rings

Next she’ll have fun picking out the stones she wants on her rings.

Use your wire cutter to snip off about a fifth of the pipe cleaner.DIY pipe cleaner ringsDIY pipe cleaner rings

Use the needle nose pliers to bend in the cut tips of the pipe cleaner. Careful, if you put too much of a crease in it you’ll make another sharp point.

Next wrap the pipe cleaners around in a tight spiral.  Use your fingers to tighten and flatten them and try to form as perfect a circle as you can.

Drop a bit of glue directly onto the center of the felt.  As I said, I’m using a few drops of Gorilla Glue and it’s working well.  Place the stone in the center so that it’s perpendicular to the finger.

Let it sit facedown overnight.

Have fun making a big deal of presenting the rings to her the next day!  Let her give mommy her ring too.

Now, where’s my gun?


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