Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prep for Round Two With Mother Nature

As of this writing, they're calling for another 10 to 20 inches of snow for the Washington DC metro area.

Here are a few quick tips for round two:

Prep for loss of power: 
  • Charge your cell phones, especially if you're like us and did away with your land line years ago.
  • Crank up the cold in your freezer and fridge.  Set them to the coldest setting to buy yourself a little time if you lose power.
  • Gather your flashlights and make sure they all work.  I put ours in two central locations.
  • Keep your gas meter clear of snow.  If it freezes you could loose your gas supply.
  • Make sure your cars are filled with gasoline.
  • Spend time regretting that you don't have a back up generator.
  • Watch Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back again for tips on how to slice open your family pets and stuff your children inside to keep them alive, just like Han did for Luke with a tauntaun.
Snow shoveling:
  • Let others stock up on milk for the kids.  Remember to stock up on .
  • If you have a deck, get some snow off of it before the next round hits.
  • Examine your roof.  Ours is slanted so I haven't yet decided if I'm going to try to move snow off before the next wave.
  • Spend time regretting that you don't have a snow blower.  Spend time feeling foolish for mocking the old man who lives down the street who brings out his monster snow blower for every dusting.
Have a slate of activities prepared for the kids.  My current list includes:
  • More .
  • DIY toast bird feeders - Use a large cookie cutter on a toasted piece of bread.  Make a hole for your twine.  Apply peanut butter and birdseed.
  • Painting with brushes.
  • Painting with spaghetti - use al dente spaghetti.  Keep it to two colors.
  • Chalkboard drawing.
  • Soccer game - set up "goals" at either end of a room.
  • Build a snowman.
  • Build an igloo and/or snow tunnel.
  • Make snow cream - my grandmother's recipe: Fill large pot with snow, 1 quart milk, 1 cup sugar, about a half a bottle of vanilla.  It'll seem like too much vanilla at first but the snow will melt and dilute it.  Save any extra in the freezer for a milkshake.
  • Set up tape for Heel And Toe - run masking tape all over the floor and have the kids walk heel to toe.  If you fall off the line you have to start over.  I set a line up that goes under tables and over the side of a couch.  This is big fun and it's a nice little work out believe it or not.
  • Make more .
  • Make cinnamon almonds.

Be sure to keep the kids involved with cleaning up their toys.  Nothing brings on the cabin fever quicker than a cluttered house.

Have an idea that I didn't list?  Please include it in "comments".


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  1. Fill up empty spaces in your freezer with jugs of water, which will hopefully freeze before the power goes out.

    John, you are a genius!