Monday, February 22, 2010

DIY Teddy Bear and Deranged Kitty Birthday Cakes

DIY teddy bear birthday cake
sillyDaddy loves to build interesting cakes. I don't so much like the baking of them but I surely do like the building of them.

eM and I teamed up to make teddy bear cakes for a combined bday party for J and D.  She did the baking and I did the building.

This one was, well, a piece of cake compared to the I wrote about earlier and a cool dragon cake I made but haven't posted yet.

One major lesson learned from those past experiences is that applying icing to a cut cake is really tough. This time around I picked up a mini cupcake pan and small round cake pans at the local craft store to avoid icing over cut cake as much as possible.

DIY teddy bear birthday cake
DIY teddy bear birthday cake
Here's what you'll need:
  • Mini cupcake and round baking pans.
  • One box of cake mix.
  • One can of icing.
  • Food coloring.
  • Decorative icing in a can for ears, eyes, etc.
  • Chocolate chips for nose, eyes.
I kind of whipped this one together so if I had more time I might have looked for more interesting candies for the eyes, nose, etc.
DIY teddy bear birthday cake
The arms and legs consist of one full mini cupcake attached to half a mini cupcake cut into a semicircle.

The ears are semicircle mini cupcakes attached to the head.

I made a larger one for J (using two rounds for the body) but I'm afraid it kind of looked more like a mutant, freakish cat then a teddy bear. When she saw it she started to cry and begged her mommy to take away the "scary kitty".

Happy Birthday!


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