Friday, August 28, 2009

Enjoy decent scotch on a budget! (And here's an idea for drinking it in the summer)

Back in the pre-eM, J & D days I was crazy for the single malts.
I spent time pondering scotch on oh so many levels - even thinking about what kind of ground the water flowed over before it was collected and used by the distillery.  Yes, I know...

Anyway, if you're like me and you're on a budget it's extremely hard to justify spending the cash to keep a supply of the single malt stuff.

A friend's dad recommended the well known blended Dewer's so I gave 'er a swirl.  Good, but I thought it a little bland.  I've tried a few other blended scotches since then and I've settled on Johnnie Walker's Red Label (just a reminder that I am in no way paid by any manufacturer or service provider).  Nice flavor profile and you can buy it in a big 'ol jug and often on sale!
 Scotch in the summer

Now some of you may be thinking, "sillyDaddy, scotch isn't a summer time drink."  Well I've got a simple "recipe" that I find INCREDIBLY refreshing.
After the last feces laden diaper has been changed and the last child has been read to, sung to, rocked and put to bed, find yourself an old fashioned glass, fill it as full as you can with ice (crushed or broken is best), cut a small wedge of lemon, squeeze and push it down to the bottom of the glass. 

Now pour that yummy scotchie over that ice.  Don't drink it yet! Give it a few moments to melt the ice and infuse everything with that lemony goodness.

Scotch in the summer 
Drink up Dad, you deserve it!


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