Friday, August 28, 2009

CommandCentral - how to add an additional monitor without buying a new video card

Here's a shot of my cozy home work station.

DIY computer monitor addition
You may have noticed that I have a few monitors.

If you're not a software developer you may not need four.  But everyone could use a second monitor!

If your PC doesn't support two monitors you may have thought your only choice was to take your machine to your local tech store and have an expensive video card installed.

You have another option!

All you need is an available USB port on your PC and a VGA-USB adapter.

I've shopped around A LOT and found the best value at the moment (just a reminder that I am in no way paid by any manufacturer or service provider except for the random GoogleAds that are on this web page).
I bought the EVGA UV12 Plus+ USB VGA Adapter.  I spent $39 with  There's a $10 rebate (snail mail) which brought the price down to $29 (or at least it will once I receive the rebate).  Shipping was free.

DIY computer monitor addition

As you can see from the pic, it's an incredibly easy hook up.  It came with both the digital-analog adapter that you see in the picture and the USB cable along with an installation disk.  I'm running XP but it's supposed to also work with Vista.

Because some of the equipment pictured belongs to my employer and the rest we already owned, the only new cost for adding an additional monitor was the $29 investment in the adapter.


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