Thursday, March 11, 2010

Build A DIY Secret Bookshelf Compartment!

DIY secret bookshelf compartment
Regardless of whether or not you actually have anything secret to store in your home, every Daddy, silly or not, wants a secret compartment.

I've read lots of interesting ideas for creating secret spots but they always looked like they'd take years to complete and cost thousands of lives.

This is a quick and easy secret compartment that, so far, has fooled everyone who's looked for it.

DIY secret bookshelf compartmentDIY secret bookshelf compartment

A couple of points I should make right off the bat:
  1. I have been reminded by eM and others of what a particularly pointless project this was given that we have nothing either secret or valuable to hide.
  2. I have been reminded by eM and others that forcing everyone who enters the house to view showing off the secret compartment entirely defeats the purpose of having said secret compartment.
  3. My single malt scotch levels are very low.
Well, to all these sayers of nay I say, "Nay" right back at thee!

DIY secret bookshelf compartment
Here's what you'll need:
DIY secret bookshelf compartment
  • Three, 3-ring binders.  Bigger the better (as long as they're not too tall to fit on your intended bookshelf).
  • Staples - not the kind that fit into your stapler - the heavy duty kind from the hardware store.
  • Strong glue.
  • Utility knife.
  • Small wood screws with a head.  I used screws designed to be used with picture frames.
  • Drill to make pilot holes for the staples and wood screws.
  • Secrets to hide (although this component is completely unnecessary). 

Line up your 3 notebooks to make sure they look good together.  Apply your glue.  Not too close to the edge!  You don't want any glue to be visible when you're all done.

DIY secret bookshelf compartment
Once the glue has dried, throw in two staples to each inside cover.

Use your utility knife to cut out the inside covers just past the staple and glue line.

Line up the joined notebooks on your shelf and figure out where to fasten them.  This part isn't entirely necessary but it makes it much easier to open and close your secret compartment.
DIY secret bookshelf compartment

I used very small wood screws with a large enough head so that they wouldn't pass right through the notebook's plastic and cardboard cover.

Place other notebooks and books close by to complete the deception.

Now, tell all your friends to come on over and see your secret compartment (that's what she said...badabing).


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