Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tour De France Route Announced!

2010 Tour de France route

The route for the Tour de France (that's Tour OF France to you and me) has been announced!

Our boy Lance is back again and he's in it to win it this year baby!  Eff you Alberto! (and eff your family too....................
.......what, too much?)

sillyDaddy has already gone to the trouble of listing out the key stages for you (aren't I nice?...unlike those Frenchies?).

For the love of all that's holy, don't miss these days:
  1. Tuesday, July 6th, Stage 3 - Kickin' it old school over cobblestone!  OMFG! Have you ever tried to ride a bike over cobblestone?  Well...neither have I.  Frankly, I care too much about my giblets (that's what we call them here).  But it looks pretty freakin' tough.  Last time the tour raced over cobblestone was 2004.
  2. Sunday, July 11th, Stage 8 - The first high mountain stage. They race through the Ramaz pass.  This pass has only been attempted twice in the tour.  The last time was 16 years ago.
  3. Tuesday, July 13th, Stage 9  - This is considered to be THE major alpine stage.  This will be absolutely freakin' brutal.  Keep the kids and small pets away from the television.
  4. Thursday, July 22nd, Stage 17 - Into the Pyrenees and a visit to...The Tourmalet.  This year they're climbing it on it's steepest side.  Mon Dieu!
  5. Saturday, July 24th, Stage 19 - Into wine country (Bordeaux)!  This will be the race's only time trial this year and it's an individual.  If you've watched the tour the last few years you'll know about the fantastic helicopter camera shots along the way.  Helicopter shots of Bordeaux should be amazing and the stage will be a nail biter!  BTW, I feel a drinking game coming on.  Each person has to take a drink of wine each time they show a vineyard!  Yay!
The tour runs from Saturday, July 3rd to Sunday, July 25th.

This will be the tour's 97th running.  It'll have 21 stages and cover over 2,200 miles!!

Now.....go ice those giblets.



  1. This is fun, John.
    now what does DIY stand for?

  2. DIY = do it yourself ;)