Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Cinnamon Toast Time!

Cinnamon sugar recipe
Cinnamon sugar sprinkled on toast is a fantastic way to sugar-up the kids' morning (yours too)!

All you need is refined sugar and loads of cinnamon.

Place the sugar in your container.  Dump in a lot of cinnamon - really - you'll need quite a bit, but don't go totally overboard because too much and it'll taste too "spicy". 

Use a small whisk or spoon to stir the b'jesus out of it.

Add the concoction to buttered toast.  The cinnamon/sugar will absorb the butter and turn dark. 

The cinnamon/sugar/butter blend will also stiffen the toast a bit and make it easier to use your .




  1. Also great on french toast. Buy a sifter and let the kids put the cinnamon on their toast.

  2. A small sifter is a terrific idea! Thanks for the tip and sorry for that SERIOUSLY delayed response!
    - sillyDaddy