Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grid Of Life - stay on the grid if you want to live!

[UPDATE: The Grid O' Life has been updated with some new information.  Bad news for folic acid and coffee lovers (in fact I'm pretty sure that if you wash down your folic acid with coffee your pancreas will explode).  Good news for Vit D.]

I've tracked medical journal articles related to a bunch of key health topics for the last couple years.

The articles were interesting but I wanted to connect all the dots so I could really begin to use the information - especially considering sillyDaddy's age and the pesky linear nature of time.  I also thought it would be a cool thing to share with family and friends.

So I spent some time recently putting the findings into a simple grid to make the info a bit easier to consume (click on the image below).

No, it's not an all encompassing list.  It's a compilation taken from the legit journal articles I've read over the last couple of years.

A green cell indicates a positive effect.

If something catches your eye I recommend you go to and conduct a search to read the associated reports.  ScienceDaily pulls the latest articles from a range of journals from across the world.

Key nutrients for healthy living

BTW Dad, if your doctor recommends statins for your high cholesterol,


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